About Linden
President's speech

Welcome to visit the LINDEN Group website and thank you for your constant care and support of LINDEN.
In the 15 years of development, the LINDEN Group has established a nationwide marketing network. Apart from its headquarters in Shenzhen, the company has established branches in Suzhou, East China, and Tianjin in North China, which have a market share of more than 80%. After years of in-depth exploration of the industry, Lingdian also has excellent market insight, not only can keenly aware of future market trends, but also quickly docking overseas partners based on trends, the introduction of related technologies, in response to the real needs of the domestic market, R & D new technology products.
Only one person can achieve self-achievement with self-confidence and hard work, even more so for a company. Shang Hailu, thousands of boats competing. Confidence gives us more confidence in the environment where competition and development accompany, opportunities and challenges coexist, and strives to make us learn to be down-to-earth and relentless. With these two points, the enterprise has taken the root of development. It enables everyone in the company to shine with humanity and wisdom in their lives and work, so that our partners will face the future with confidence as much as we do. This is our wealth and our value. It is also the motivation and belief that we provide every quality service for our customers.
In the future, LINDEN will continue to plunge into the technology industry and strive to become the benchmark for the operation of China's high-tech trade-oriented private enterprises. While LINDEN continues to grow into a domestic excellent technology brand, it also aims to help more overseas premium brands enter the Chinese market, introduce better technical resources, and create more advanced technology products to be applied to Chinese people’s working life. Happy life brings benefits and achieves win-win results.
The LINDEN Group will continue its efforts to realize the continuous growth and growth of the Group by effectively implementing the business strategy and policy of becoming the No.1 comprehensive trading company in the country and the concrete measures based on this, so as to live up to expectations. Thank you for your support and spurs as always.