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The First Table Tennis Competition Award Ceremony of MHC was held ceremoniously

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On November 8, 2014, the award ceremony of the first table tennis match of Lingdian High was held ceremoniously. The chairman of the company and all the employees in South China participated in this grand and warm award activity.

This table tennis activity was initiated by the South China Business Department, and was supported and participated by all colleagues of the company. Our professional "Table Tennis Organizing Committee" has brainstormed and awarded us many mysterious awards. Who will win the mysterious awards? Please see the figure to know:




      In addition to the above awards, there are also heavyweight mixed doubles champion, best male god racket, goddess racket award, most potential award, most gentleman award, lucky award and best audience award. There are many kinds of prizes, such as "5 million" welfare lottery ticket, practical hot water bottle, scarves, lovely dolls, intimate movie tickets for two people, warm milk of love, literature and art books, and meaningful trophies.

In addition to awarding the table tennis event, the company commended the two salesmen who performed well in the third quarter. Their achievements were always in direct proportion to their efforts. Their efforts were seen by everyone. Long Dong also took this opportunity to give full recognition to their efforts.



At the end of the activity, Chairman Long shared with everyone the secret of "happy life and happy work", and asked questions about the participation of everyone in the sports of "swimming, running, table tennis, badminton, mahjong, and landlord fighting" through the question and answer format. A person's hobbies and interests in life are closely related to your feelings, life and work. We should actively participate in sports after work. While exercising, we can broaden our horizons, find fun in life, enjoy it, and bring this happiness to work.



The first session of Lingdian High's table tennis event ended successfully. Thanks to the South China Business Department for its enthusiastic sponsorship and hard planning, we have more deeply felt the cohesion of Lingdian High's team and the excellence of a positive and energetic team.

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