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SEMICON CHINA 2014 MHI and Musashi Meet You

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The world's largest semiconductor technology exhibition "SEMICON CHINA2014" was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 18 to 20, 2014, and all the representative enterprises in the semiconductor industry, including relevant equipment manufacturers, material manufacturers, design manufacturers, manufacturers and other industries, appeared. At the same time, Shanghai Munich Electronics Fair and Munich Optical Expo were also held, which were all grand events in their respective industries.


    Musashi, a famous brand in the industry of high-precision dispensing, has been participating in the exhibition for many years. As a first-class agent in Japan's Musashi, MHI made a joint appearance with the headquarters of Musashi. With innovative scientific research products and perfect after-sales service, we have won a good reputation in the industry. Through a more intuitive on-site display platform, we sincerely meet friends inside and outside the industry to further introduce new dispensing solutions and more top products for customers.




The MHI exhibition hall is located at booth 4475 of N4 exhibition hall. Many new products have attracted customers who come to the MHI booth to consult and compete with many brand manufacturers. SHOTMINI200SX is the first product with the same width and speed in the industry, and HOTMELTJET high-speed hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. It focuses on the dispensing process of mobile phone shell. 350PC SMART once again maximizes the fineness of the product. MOHONMASTER has a new response for high viscosity products. The above equipment has constantly responded to the different needs of customers, innovated with the times, and always led the followers.






In addition, our full-automatic dispensing device FAD2500 is still attracting much attention. In the future, under the condition of tight human resources and rising production costs, automation will take a significant proportion in the future industrial production.


In line with the requirements of our existing high-end customers, we have successfully launched the FAD2500 automation model in the automation process upgrade, which has been successfully used in a large number of BSE packaging plants. This automatic dispensing device has the functions of automatic loading and unloading, scanning and positioning, automatic weighing, flying scanning, floor heating, etc.


    Judging from the final results, MHI has achieved a great success in this SEMICON semiconductor exhibition. It has taken the lead in the semiconductor industry. We will wait and see the perfect breakthrough in semiconductor and other industries!



Huang Biao reports