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Warm congratulations: the 10th anniversary celebration of MHD successfully ended

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Autumn October is a season of brilliant harvest and even more exciting. October 18, 2013 is a special day! We welcomed the 10th anniversary of the company. On the job employees, customers, suppliers, factory representatives, former colleagues and friends from all walks of life gathered in Shenzhen Qilin Villa with beautiful scenery and atmosphere. The 10th anniversary celebration with the theme of "running, chasing dreams" was solemnly held.



On the scene of the celebration, the hall has melodious and cheerful orchestral music; On the stage, there are traditional Chinese lion dances, eye drops and other lively scenes. Indeed, the whole company of MHI Electric has prepared a 2-month celebration with one heart, which makes everyone present at this event feel a rare joy and sincerity!





First of all, General Manager Wu Le made a warm speech, welcoming all guests, friends from all walks of life and all colleagues to attend the ceremony on behalf of the company's management; At the same time, I would like to thank the friends who have supported the development of the company along the way; And colleagues and their families who have worked hard for the development of the company in the past 10 years!


Mr. Li Guoping, the chairman of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., delivered a congratulatory speech, objectively and truly summarized the evaluation of our company - the unique MHI temperament of "low-key enterprise with great strength".


This is a meaningful celebration. Over the past 10 years, thanks to the support and cooperation of everyone, Lingdian has moved forward all the way, realizing the transformation from an antelope to a lion. Only then has today's success. Representatives of the original factory: Mr. Sugimoto, the head of the business department of Musashi DS Business Headquarters in Japan, and Mr. Mingcang, the general manager of Musashi in Hong Kong, came all the way from Japan to attend this celebration, and issued a "thank you note" to our company. Chairman Long Haiben received the award and delivered a speech on behalf of the company, full of confidence in your future cooperation!



Later, in the awarding activity, the company awarded the "Five Year Excellent Employee Bronze Award", with 9 winners in total; Four "Silver Awards for 7 Years of Excellent Employees" and three "Gold Awards for 10 Years of Meritorious Employees". Thank them for their support and dedication to the company over the past 10 years.




The whole celebration was full of warm and joyful atmosphere, and our elite members of Lingdian brought wonderful performances, such as dance "Happy Dance", song "Love", crosstalk "Answers". Finally, everyone created "Light and Shadow Show", "Happy Birthday!"-- The event was successfully ended with loud cheers.







Ten years, this is an extraordinary journey! 10 years, this is also a leap and challenge! Today's efforts will make tomorrow's brilliance. Today's MHI should also strive to create the next miracle.




Li Lin reports