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LED smart light with one million yuan

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Our life is always inseparable from a variety of light sources, such as household emergency lights, photo flash lights and even bicycle lights. Although these lights will not be used frequently, it is always safe to live at home without danger. But if we were equipped with all kinds of necessary light sources, I'm afraid that our home would have been filled with lighting equipment of different sizes and shapes.

Now, a versatile LED intelligent integrated light source is available. This LED lamp named Mstick is controlled by a modular application program, and users can choose different types and states of light sources according to their needs.

Mstick: One for ten thousand

Like all intelligent devices, this Mstick can be controlled through the supporting app. Users can choose different lighting modes through the App, making Mstick suitable for any occasion and any environment. For example, when you want to ride or run at night, this lamp can definitely ensure your safety; If you want to make the light source more varied and interesting, you can choose the "motion light" mode, which can present various lighting modes.

In addition, this lamp also has some other special functions. You can light soothing lights to solve emotional panic and insomnia. More intelligent is that when used as a bicycle lamp, its built-in sensing device can monitor the current movement state. When you wait for the light at the intersection or stop for a rest, the light will turn red, and it will turn white again when you start riding again.

Mstick: intelligent universal light source

Now let's see what the purpose of this Mstick is.

Funny lighting - This lamp can help you when you want to express love, when you need atmosphere for a party, or when you need help when you meet difficulties in the wild. Users can set different texts and patterns through the matching app, so that the original monotonous light source can be changed.

Music effect - what are the disadvantages of playing music at home? Now with Mstick, everything can be settled. You can select the "music effect" mode, and the light will flicker rhythmically with the music, and the rhythm will be three-dimensional immediately.

Fitness Stopwatch - If you want to enjoy the physical and mental relaxation brought by yoga in a quiet night, or you have no time to care about time when exercising, you can choose the "fitness stopwatch" function. In this way, Mstick can time according to the rhythm of light flashing.

Self portrait lamp - if you are a self portrait girl and want to record your life anytime and anywhere, but have no choice but to limit the light and light source, you can choose the "self portrait lamp" mode of music effect to ensure that every photo can be taken beautifully.

Field lighting - well, this function should be provided by Mstick by default. Kitchen timer - If your kitchen needs a small timer, you can also use Mstick to help.

The R&D team said that it would continue to develop various lighting modes in the future, striving to make Mstick worth ten thousand yuan.

Mstick: Smartphone/watch can be controlled

In order to facilitate the use, Mstick's R&D team has also developed a supporting application for the smart watch. Users can open/close, change modes and other simple operations through smart watches. Currently, the supporting app supports iPhone 5 and above devices, Samsung Galaxy S4 and above devices, Nexus 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 and above.

From the appearance, this Mstick adopts a simple linear design, which is easy to carry and very versatile. In addition, the machine body is provided with switch buttons of different lights and mode selection buttons. Of course, in addition to the control buttons on the body, users can also easily control through smart phones and smart watches. What is more considerate is that the bottom of the Mstick is also equipped with accessories that can be compatible with various types of cameras, so there is no pressure when it is used as a supplementary light source for taking pictures.

Let's talk about the parts of Mstick. This Mstick is equipped with a belt, which can be easily used when it needs to be suspended. Even Mstick is equipped with connectors, which can facilitate its connection with other different devices for fixed use. More conveniently, this Mstick also has a built-in magnet, which can be conveniently attached to any iron parts for easy use.

Mstick has three different colors, white, green and blue. You can choose different colors according to your personal preference or the environment where this universal LED lamp often appears. This Mstick has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and the standby time is from 7 hours to more than 7 days. Users can charge through the Micro 5pin USB interface.

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