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Take stock of LED products that help improve sleep quality: Xiaomi Yeelight is eye-catching!

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1. Solar scene sleeping lamp



Keywood Technology has launched a product called solar scene sleep aid lamp, which can achieve one click sleep. When used with the "Sleeping" APP centered control, it will create an atmosphere of falling asleep. Placing the phone on the light is to tell it that "I'm going to sleep", and it will slowly turn off, charge the phone, and collect the noise and light changes in the bedroom. The next morning, it will simulate the light of the sunrise and wake you up with soft music and warm sunshine like lights.

2. NOx intelligent sleep lamp



The Nox intelligent sleep lamp designed by designer Ji Mingming can stimulate the natural secretion of melatonin in the human body and enhance sleepiness by releasing the red and orange light of 550-750nm. In addition to light, NOx can also play professional sleep music with quasi copyright. In addition to sleep aid, this lamp can also naturally awaken the sleeper in a gentle way.

3. Roome intelligent night light




The Roome intelligent night light designed by Beijing Millimeter Technology has seven built-in sensors, which can sense the environment in real time and make personalized, accurate and automatic control. It will actively remember your habits, give you the most appropriate needs when you need it, record your every operation and environmental status, and gradually learn what brightness to turn on and turn off the lights for you.

4. Curvilux intelligent bedside table



A maker team launched Curvilux, the world's first smart bedside table in Indiegogo. This bedside table can be connected to smart phones, built-in speaker system, and can simulate sunriseLEDLamp. Its company said that this is "the first product of the smart furniture platform series".

Curvilux intelligent bedside table is equipped with two LED lights, one is the bedside lamp, and the other is the intelligent motion sensing night light, which illuminates the floor when you get up at night. Through Bluetooth connection and the bedside table stereo system, users can easily set their favorite music as an alarm in the morning, or listen to rock and roll and get up in bed.

5. Yeelight Bluetooth intelligent control bedside lamp



In the Yeelight intelligent bedside lamp, there are 14Osram(Osram)LEDLight bulb, you can adjust between various color temperature and brightness modes. Yeelight also provides a programmable cycle mode that allows the bulb to periodically switch between four different colors. People who are interested can customize the color options in the supporting Android or iOS applications.

6. Withings Sleep Tracker



Withings Aura is a very accurate sleep tracking device. The built-in sleep tracking sensor can automatically work without turning on or off the switch. At the same time, Withings Aura also has accessories specially placed at the bedside, which not only provides power for Withings Aura, but also can be used as an alarm clock to wake you up.

The bedside part of Withings Aura looks like a desk lamp and can also act as an alarm clock. In addition, the desk lamp adopts a touch operation mode, which is very convenient to use. In the base part of the desk lamp, a high-quality loudspeaker is built in, and the top is a round LED bulb.

The built-in LED light source of Withings Aura will emit a mild red light to simulate the effect of sunset and promote the melatonin in the body to stimulate sleepiness. Built in four soothing music can help us sleep.

7. The LED table lamp DreamLit that lulls you to sleep



The design team from China designed this new concept desk lamp through careful observation and understanding of the insomnia group. It can be said that this table lamp is specially prepared for those who are prone to insomnia. It will accompany you to sleep and automatically turn off the lamp.

DreamLit has two functions: lighting and playing music.

DreamLit will provide light with appropriate brightness for insomniacs, about 3000K. Soft lighting helps to let insomniacs no longer fear the dark, so that they can relax and sleep at ease. The magic of this table lamp is that the light will slowly darken with the passage of time, and it will automatically go out 30 minutes later.

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