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Jiangxi Launches Red Campus Channel 600 LED Video Screens Settled in Primary and Secondary Schools

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Xinhua Nanchang, May 19, 2016 (Reporter Yu Gang) In order to promote red culture into the campus and let the majority of young people feel the influence of red culture, Jiangxi education department plans to install 600 LED video screens in 600 various schools across the province, and on this basis, launch the red campus channel to carry out lively moral education, patriotism education, safety science education, etc.

On the morning of the 18th, the opening ceremony of Jiangxi Red Campus Channel was held in Nanchang No. 3 Middle School. At the launching ceremony, Yu Xiaoshe, the deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, said that the "Red Education Campus Communication Base" project is an innovation in Jiangxi's school moral education, and has realized the seamless connection between red resources and revolutionary traditional education.

It is reported that, with the support of the special fund for the development of the central cultural industry, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education has launched the "Red Education Campus Communication Base" project since 2014. It is planned to install 600 10 square meter LED video screens in 600 various schools across the province, covering more than 6 million teachers and students, with an estimated total investment of 66 million yuan. At present, Jiangxi has completed the installation of LED video screens in 72 ordinary high schools across the province, which will reach 100 by the end of June, covering about 700000 teachers and students.

It is reported that these LED video screens will be used to broadcast red movies, red historical documentaries, current affairs news and other content, so that the majority of young people can understand the revolutionary history, feel the revolutionary tradition, and integrate the red gene into moral education; At the same time, it can also be used for campus emergency warning, safe evacuation, science publicity, etc.

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