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Pneumatic Chip Spot Paste

Pneumatic Chip Spot Paste

Glue: solder paste No.5 powder Viscosity: 190 (pa.s) Particles: 15-25um

Process characteristics

Due to the particularity of high viscosity solder paste containing particles, contact or screw dispensing is used in common solder paste dispensing processes.

The process elements are:

1. The dispensing efficiency of solder paste is particularly important, and high-precision, stable and continuous dispensing is a prerequisite.

2. The consistency of solder paste glue height, the uniformity and continuity of scribing, and the consistency of glue width are required.

3. Solder paste shall be fully and evenly applied without tip pulling and with high consistency of point diameter.

4. The dispensing amount after the solder paste is warmed up, and the dispensing amount of full and half solder pastes should always be consistent.

Musashi hereby launches SUPER Σ CMIII series pneumatic dispenser, Σ The three functions can automatically compensate the ejected volume of the whole tube of glue material in different volumes to ensure the continuous stability of the solder paste. At the same time, the margin alarm function can always grasp the glue margin, effectively improving the yield. Musashi pneumatic equipment can meet the requirements of dispensing low, medium and high viscosity liquid materials, and perfectly solve the problem of linear viscosity change of rubber materials. With many patents, it has an absolute advantage in dispensing industry.