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Thoughts on the Study of Musashi in Japan

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It is our company's business philosophy to promote sales with technology orientation and realize value-added with professional differences. "This is also what we have been practicing in practical work. MHI and MusashiFor the medical industryAfter the joint development of special dispensing models, in order to better promote sales and improve technical professionalism. The company decided to arrange Huang Biaoyu, the manager of the medical project departmentfivemonthfifteenI went to the headquarters of Musashi in Japan for a period ofsixDays of study.

This study is mainly divided into two parts: theory and practical operation. The details are as follows:

1. DripHEADDescription of features and maintenance

2. NOZZLE decomposition, cleaning, assembly andOFF-LINEDrip

3. General description, operation and maintenance instructions of the equipment.

4. Equipment fault description and solution.

In the whole learning process, Musashi's trainers showed strong professionalism. After explaining the theory, they let the learners practice several times, digest the hardness of theoretical knowledge with practical operation, deepen understanding and summarize their own opinions in continuous practice, and finallysixAll training contents were completed in days as planned.

Through this training, we have deepened our understanding of the equipment, especially when introducing the equipment, we can explain the characteristics and functions of the equipment in a more specific and vivid way. In order to better promote sales, in the next work, we will continue to train and learn about this equipment in MHI Electric Corporation, make early customer visits, and provide guidance at the technical level to form a systematic and perfect introduction method.


During this training, I was undoubtedly most impressed by their systematicness and professionalism. Their attention to details, their professional research on technology, and their super responsible attitude towards work were all well reflected in the training process. Not only gave me a very vivid lesson in my work skills, but also gave me a lesson in life. This is an unforgettable learning trip, which is full of harvest. Thank the company for arranging this training.

East China -- Huang Biao