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Lingdian and Rite set sail

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At the invitation of Nite Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd,fourmonthtwenty-sevenMorning ofnine00The representative of Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., Chairman Long Haiben, General Manager Deng Fei, Business Director Luan Xiaodong, and Manager Huang Biao of the Medical Project Department, together with their delegation, paid a visit to Nippon Tetsuaki Institute. The two sides discussed the cooperation mode of Nippon Tetsu products and the progress of existing projects. Minister Sasazawa of Nite Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., Chairman Chen of Nite Mechanical Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Vice President Yuan of Shanghai Branch of Nite Mechanical Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and others attended the meeting.

As a listed company in Japan, Nite has always been far ahead of other competitors in the global winding machine industry, occupying the world32%Market share. Its winding equipment is mainly used in information communication, automobile, household appliancesICCard and other fields. Its performance in mobile phone related products, such as mobile phone speakers, is even more outstanding, such as the leading players in the speaker industryAAC, Loushi, Goethe and Mette are all loyal fans of their products.

At the meeting, Minister Shize made a detailed explanation on the industrial application of the products of Nite, during which both partiesICSeveral products, such as label, automatic conveying system and film processing system, have had more in-depth communication and interaction to find the entry point for mutual cooperation. For example, its conveying system3m/SecSpeed5000NMaximum exercise load and ±0.02mmThe processing precision is unparalleled in the industry, leading the whole automation and industryfourThe forward trend of. The three major characteristics of the film conveying equipment: numerical control double film storage, non-contact tool conveying system, and precision tension control system have obtained exclusive patents, which improve the yield and efficiency of the film composite, cleaning, drying and other processing processes.ICElectronic labels are the inevitable trend and product of the development of the Internet of Things. Being at the front end of technology and market development, Rite has brought us a feast of technology sharing, which makes us gain a lot.

After the product presentation, in order to let us have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the product, we led us to their workshop to demonstrate the efficiency and cutting-edge technology of the product in real time. Looking at all the products of Nite, they have a set of mature solutions applied in the corresponding industries. This is the demand of customers and the trend of industry cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of Longhaiben made relevant arrangements for relevant product research, arranged and clarified the next work direction in combination with the degree of compatibility between Nite products and MHI resources. The time and content of the next meeting and interaction are preliminarily agreed.

Meeting in the afternoon5:00End, last nearlyeightFor an hour, I feel very full and full of harvest. The technology oriented concept of Rite is the same as the business philosophy of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. I believe that based on the same business philosophy, we will definitely have more sparks. We will wait and see if Lingdian sets sail together with Rite.

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