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Semicon China 2016 ends perfectly

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From March 15 to 17, 2016, Semicon China 2016 held in Shanghai has ended. We, Linden (Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.), have always been committed to providing leading dispensing technology and services for semiconductor manufacturers. This time, we are no exception to the exhibition.

With the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry, Semicon China, as the wind vane of the semiconductor industry, has seen a large increase in the size of the team, whether participating in or watching the exhibition. With the help of the communication platform built by the exhibition, we have in-depth face-to-face conversations with customers, and more direct communication and collision on technical issues, such as Goertek, WLCSP, SENSATA, Huatian, etc.

                                                                                          Visitors and consultants

In this exhibition, our Linden exhibition equipment mainly includes two categories: 1. FAD2500, FCD1000 and TAD1000 of FAD series (automatic dispensing equipment); 2. 350PC of DS series (semi-automatic dispenser), solder paste laser welding, two-component, heat dissipation silicone grease coating, dual liquid jet. With such a rich product lineup, Linden can provide perfect solutions to customers' different dispensing processes and application needs. In addition, we Linden will provide technical support and after-sales service for customers with excellent technology, and continue to escort the production of customers.

Such an excellent product lineup naturally catches the eye. During the exhibition, our staff received many customers, introduced and explained the excellent performance of our products in detail, and answered all the customers' questions one by one. The customers visited are mainly manufacturers of semiconductor and electronic components industries, and there are also many research institutions. The three days passed quickly in a busy time. We Linden have gained a lot from this exhibition. After the exhibition, we will continue to follow up with our customers. If you have any questions or can't go to the exhibition site, welcome to our Linden website Get to know and contact us.

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