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MHI joined hands with Nite to enter the medical market. The two sides held talks successfully at MHI headquarters

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2016threemonthsixteenOn March, Mr. Kondo, president of Nite Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., personally appeared in Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and had a meeting with Mr. Long Haiben, chairman of the company. Satazawa, Minister of Nite Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., Chairman Chen of Nite Mechanical Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Yuan of Shanghai Branch of Nite Mechanical Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and Manager Yu of Shenzhen Nite Mechanical Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., who were accompanied by President Kondo, also held a long meeting with MHI executivesthreeThe two companies held close consultations on the future cooperation in the medical field during the hour long meeting.

The meeting was held onsixteenMorning ofnineThe meeting was officially held at that time. In addition to President Hite Kondo and others, Chairman Long Haiben, General Manager Deng, General Manager Wang, General Manager Huang and other relevant executives of MHD Medical Business Department also attended the meeting. At the meeting, the two sides had a heated discussion on the development prospect of the Chinese medical market and how to strengthen the cooperation between Nite and MHI in the medical field. Minister Sasazawa also specially shared the application points and technical advantages of the two top equipment of Nite - wire winders and dialyzers with MHI executives.

       In fact, the idea of entering the Chinese medical market dates back totwo thousand and fifteenyeartwelveIt has already sprouted in September. At that time, Chairman Long Haiben, who was attending the robot exhibition in Japan, just met with President Kondo. Both sides were deeply touched by the rise of China's medical market in recent years. As a leading engineering equipment company, many of its products are designed for the medical field, and we are eager to find an excellent Chinese local company to cooperate, so as to open the door to the medical field in China.

       This idea of President Kondo coincides with that of Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian. In the opinion of Chairman Longhaiben, the improvement of China's medical consumption level and the gradual expansion of high-end medical demand in recent years indicate that this market is growing rapidly, and the continuous inflow of foreign capital has greatly stimulated the development of China's medical market. Through more than ten years of operation and hard work, Lingdian not only has strong enterprise strength, but also has accumulated a very wide range of contacts in the medical industry. If we can connect the needs of the mainland medical market with the high-tech equipment of Nite through these contacts, it will be of great help to the future development of both enterprises.

       According to the market research data of MHI, high-end medical equipment is in short supply in China's medical field, while the technical advantages and reliable quality of Japanese equipment are also easy to trust China. In addition to its huge network resources in the medical device industry, it is not difficult to successfully introduce the Nippon equipment into China's front-end medical market. Because of this, both MHI and Nippon are full of confidence in this cooperation. 

       The meeting was held very smoothlyseventyPresident Kondo did everything himself. Chairman Long Haiben deeply admired and recognized his enthusiasm for work and seriousness about details. Chairman Longhaiben also said that the cooperation with Nippon is not only the trust of Nippon's strength, but also attracted by President Kondo's personal charm. In the future cooperation, MHI and RITE will maintain the relationship of teachers and friends just like themselves and President Kondo. They can put themselves in the other's shoes and consider each other more, so as to achieve development and win-win results in both sides.

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