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Summary and thoughts of the East China Quarterly Meeting

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On December 25, 2015, Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. held quarterly meetings in 2015 (3-4) and 2016 (Q1) at Shihao International Hotel.

The meeting was presided over by Director Yang, and all the staff gathered together. The rigorous atmosphere was filled with a shocking spiritual baptism, which benefited a lot.


At the meeting, Long Dong first detonated the whole audience with a Japanese version of "I only care about you", which is hard to imagine the infinite energy in his mind. This kind of spirit of not forgetting to learn and applying what we have learned makes us respect. After that, Chairman Long gave a two-hour passionate speech, explaining:

? 1. The importance of learning, from passive to active transformation.

2. The importance of talents, the transformation from employees to managers.

? 3. Open source diversion, business development trend and focus.

4. Enhance your mind and structure, know what the company needs, and better plan.

5. The way of doing things, how to get more respect from others.

6. Control risks and strive to improve their personal value.

This sonorous speech has brought us a great sense of impact. How to better put yourself into work with a youthful face is the key to personal reform and breakthrough, which has an indescribable significance for personal future!

morningtenspottenGeneral situation andtwo thousand and sixteenyearoneThe quarterly work was reported. Summarized the company's performance and work trend in the second half of the year. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the sharp shrinkage of the dispensing market this year, the overall performance of the company has been seriously affected. This series of data gives me great encouragement personally. But I am not depressed and depressed. The failure in the past will be the cornerstone of my struggle. The wind and rain can not stop us from rising. Because we have an excellent team with extraordinary unity and a harmonious family! It takes only a few steps to make it a thousand miles. This year's preparation has made some achievements. The lion of MHI will have a wider land!In the thorny jungle, thrive!!!

From the discussion of the company's leaders, I have summarized the company's trend and my personal work cooperation:?

1. We must accelerate business development with new ideas and perspectives, and fully realize the importance of accelerating business development.

2、? From the perspective of maintaining the leading position in the industry and being the industry leader, we should find the right target, follow the trend of the dispensing industry in the market, learn from the strengths and advantages of our peers, and apply what we have learned.

3、? We should have a broad vision and a long-term vision. We should not be complacent or self pity because of temporary advantages and disadvantages.

4. The importance of contacts. The connection between senior management and senior management, and between senior management and employees should be close, so as to accurately grasp customer trends and speak with facts.

5. It's all about people. A good team's sense of belonging and cohesion is particularly important. Only when everyone gives full play to his or her own light and heat, can his or her career flourish, so how to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees is the top priority!

The successful conclusion of this meeting has an enlightening effect on my future life. In the past year, I have gained friendship, learned a lot of relevant work knowledge, enriched my experience, and made me more confident and mature. To do after-sales service, we should have a responsibility, an ambition to try, explore and seek knowledge, a common mind that is neither humble nor overbearing, nor arrogant nor impetuous, and a sense of solidarity that helps in the same boat and makes concerted efforts.

I always believe that Lingdian will have a better future! Because we fight with our lives. If we stop, we will starve or be eaten! "The way of heaven is to make up for the deficiency when it is damaged, and the way of man is to make up for the deficiency when it is damaged". In order to survive, Ling Power Station rose in those years, and it was indomitable and brave the wind and waves in the iron and blood torrent of history!Now, standing on the shoulders of giants, we will rise up like eagles and travel in the sky!

The horn of battle has been sounded, and the flag is flying all over the sky. Let's work together to sing the unprecedented song in the clang of gongs and drums! For a better tomorrow of MHI, let's work together!!!

East China Engineering Department

You Tianyu