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Feeling about the skill contest - the sword edge comes from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold

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At 10:00 a.m. on October 10, 2015, the East China Office held a remarkable skill contest, which lasted for a day. The scene was exciting and colorful.

"The autumn wind is rustling and the night is cool, and the grass and trees are shaking and dewing." In this autumn harvest season, the flowers are in bloom, but the dark tide like a billow is piling up, which marks the beginning of the skills competition of the Engineering Department. Three contestants are randomly selected from nine contestants. Among them is Yang Chenglin, who is calm and unusual, rigorous and eager to learn; You Tianyu, who is energetic and eager to learn; There is Yang Rongguo who is positive and energetic. The three contestants represent their own groups. He is burdened with heavy responsibilities and gathers many pressures in the surging torrent. Ride the wind and waves and cut through the thorns!


"The vast expanse of sand has turned yellow, and heroes have fought against the Eight Wastes." The meeting room and the operation room have become a fighting field with smoke and gunpowder everywhere. Here, too many colleagues are laughing and immersed in the will to fight side by side to overcome difficulties.

The competition consists of dictation and practice. The dictation includes explaining the selected machine first, and then the judges ask questions. The score accounts for 30% of the total. As many colleagues sat around, our three competitors were somewhat nervous, which affected their normal strength level. This shows the leadership's hard work. A good engineer should not only have excellent skills, but also have good psychological quality to communicate with customers. Being organized is a self sublimation of life value and a good project. It is worth mentioning that our audit team members have been giving support and encouragement to themselves and other team members with their eyes, and their sense of teamwork is evident. With this excellent team of sincere cooperation, solidarity and mutual assistance, what worries about the untimely career and what worries about Lingdian!

At the end of the oral contest in the morning, the three contestants analyzed the three models in detail. Strengthened the strength of all engineering personnel.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the practice competition began. The competition lasted for one hour. All three contestants tested the machine with Aero jet and UV glue. The conditions are the same. At the end of an hour, it depends on who gets the best test results. After comparing the results of the three contestants, Yang Chenglin, who was unusually calm, defeated the two opponents, achieved excellent results, and was unanimously praised by the leaders.

 Be firm in your ambition, bitter in your heart, diligent in your strength. Everything is of no size, and you will achieve something! Face the pressure, head up! Face difficulties, stick to them, face problems, and work hard to overcome them! We always encounter all kinds of strange problems during the test run. When you look back and look far, you will find a series of solid footprints on the ground.

Yang Chenglin won the first place in this competition. President Deng personally awarded the award and left a group photo to make a complete picture of this competition. This competition has enriched everyone's knowledge and enhanced their friendship. His confidence and sense of belonging to the company have also been greatly enhanced. "Don't be ashamed of the last, even if you are slow, relaxed and never stop, even if you will fall behind, even if you will fail, you can certainly reach the goal he is aiming for." Life is not enjoyment, but hard work, and reflects your value in suffering. For life and dreams, let's hold hands and sail together! set sail........



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October 12, 2015