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MHI joined hands with Xinyue to further expand the width and depth of cooperation

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2015sixmonthtwoOn the afternoon of the th, the business meeting between MHI Group and Xinyue was successfully held. Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian, Wu Le, the general manager, Xie Zijun, the deputy general manager, Deng Fei, the general manager of East China, as well as Mr. Xiaoyan Bao, Mr. Xiaoyan Bao, the general manager of Sino Vietnam Hong Kong Kato, and Mr. Yu Lin attended the meeting one after another, and conducted detailed consultations on the current cooperation business and future planning of the two sides.

At the meeting, the relevant responsible person of MHI made a detailed report on the current business progress, including functional films, Shinyue medical project progress, Shinyue semiconductor project planning, and so on. Among them, both parties havetwo thousand and fourteenyearfourThe "functional film project" that started cooperation in August not only progressed smoothly, but also2015-2016The annual market demand estimate also satisfied the Vietnamese representative.

In addition, the two sides also discussed the future cooperation plan. Mr. Ogasaki said that China's semiconductor market has great development potential, and both Shinyue and MHI attach great importance to it. In the future, Shinyue will develop more new products for the Chinese market in response to the demand of MHI market research, and will strengthen the business cooperation between the two sides in semiconductor. At the same time, in terms of medical projects, Xinyue's long-term plan is to establish a brand and production base in China, which coincides with MHI. 

In the end, Mr. Ogasaki gave high evaluation and recognition to MHI. He said that MHI not only had a precise vision of market research and fast response, but also showed truthfulness, frankness and modesty throughout the cooperation process, which left a deep impression on the Xinyue side and greatly enhanced its confidence in future cooperation with MHI.


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