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Fully launch FAD project and improve cooperation with Musashi

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With the increasing demand for automation in the manufacturing industry, in order to better provide the most complete technology and services to Chinese customers,Musashi, Japan(MUSASHIAndShenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd(Lindentotwo thousand and fifteenyearoneFormally established inFADproject(Full automatic dispensing system)partnership.

aboutMUSASHIThis is a bold change.MUSASHIHas always beenDS(semi-automatic) andFAD(Fully automatic) separate agency stores for sales,DSFocus on business sales,FADIt focuses on technical communication, and their working modes are essentially different.andLindenIt's a great honor to be MUSASHIThe first agency store selling both items.

MUSASHIAndLindenCooperatedtwelveYear, it can be said thatMUSASHIIs to watch all the wayLindenGrowing up. Through thistwelveYear,MUSASHIAndLindenThey have constantly deepened understanding and supported each other, and have reached full trust and perfect fit. Through thistwelveYear,MUSASHIyesLindenThe market guidance and decision-making ability of senior leaders were highly recognizedLindenThe technical level and ability to take on responsibilities have given high trust. Therefore,LindenStand out from many Chinese agency storesMUSASHIentrust withFADIt is an important task to explore the Chinese market.LindenAs the only owner of FADChinese agent stores with sales rights,Will not be negativeMUSASHIHope to go all out to create the legend of market development again.

This is a new challenge for Linden. In the spirit of returning to zero from the magnificent lion to the antelope, the Chairman of Longhaiben strictly checked the situation and set up a FAD special team, which includes professional technology, excellent sales and full-time translators. Each member of the team, with dreams and passion, actively devotes himself to the FAD project and believes that under the guidance of technology, he will create brilliant sales results.
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