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SEMICON CHINA goes hand in hand every year

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MHI joined hands with Musashi to re appear in the semiconductor technology exhibitionSEMICON CHINA2015", exhibition intwo thousand and fifteenyearthreemonthseventeentonineteenIt was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August,, In order to reflect its professional and dedicated characteristicsLEDManufacturing areaMEMSSpecial areaTSVSpecial area, used equipment and one-stop service system special area, integrated circuit materials special areaICProfessions in design, manufacturing and application enable visitors to have a more targeted understanding of the information they need.

As the first level agent of Musashi in Japan, MHI once again walked hand in hand with the headquarters of MusashiSEMICON CHINA。 This time, for the consumer electronics industry, we have successively exhibited:PURThe adhesive is sprayed in a new wayHOTMELTJETWith the introduction of this equipment, the traditional dispensing method has been changedPURGlue dispensing is done more finely, more precisely and faster; For smaller components, the all-in-one tin spot laser welding machine is introducedDISPENSE LASER MASTER,Adjustable welding strength,Successfully solved the problem of substrate burning,Save labor,Improve production efficiency; The powerful self correcting ability of the online simulation image system with actual products350PC Smart; For high volume precision coatingMPP-3And multiple acquisitionsASEGroup Equipment StarFAD2500

The MHI Pavilion is located inW3Hall Nothree thousand three hundred and seventy-sevenBooth, many new products attracted many customers to understand and consult. There are more professional answers, so that the visitors can gain a lot and achieve the purpose of this trip. In particular, the visitors from North China really felt the advanced information storm in the Yangtze River Delta. Let them tie moreMeet the situation of our company and constantly introduce new technologies, new processes and new equipment. Improve their market competitiveness, so that the company is in an advantageous position in the fierce market competition environment.

In addition, our famous star productsFAD2500It is still in the spotlight. In the future, under the condition of tight human resources and rising production costs, automation will take a significant proportion in the future industrial production. To meet the needs of our existing high-end customers, we have successfully launched this automation model in the process of automation process upgradingFAD2500, now in a large packaging factoryASEA large number of successful uses in. This automatic dispensing device has the functions of automatic loading and unloading, scanning and positioning, automatic weighing, flying scanning, floor heating, etc. Under the strong influence of national policies, the semiconductor industry is developing vigorously in China,FCOur technology will also be gradually introduced to the mainland's seal testing enterprises.FAD2500It realizes the perfect turn from desktop semi-automatic dispensing to full-automatic dispensing. Once again, it is leading the trend of the industry.

In the three-day exhibition, we have not only gained the information of customers, but also gained the wind vane of the industry, the foresight of technology, and the progress of fellow travelers with the times. I believe thatSEMICON CHINAThe harvest at the exhibition will enable us to make greater progress!


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