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"Spring Cup" China Japan Table Tennis Friendship Exchange Match

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 2015twomonthsevenOn the morning of the th, the company held a fierce and international "Spring Cup" Sino Japanese table tennis friendly match. The Chinese representative and the Japanese representative who finally participated in the final were: Mr. Long Haiben, Chairman of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., Mr. Xiao, President of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., and Mr. Tsumura of Japan Zhonghua Co., Ltd.

This competition has attracted great attention from colleagues of the company. We believe that this professional and international competition must be very intense.

morning9:00The competition starts on time. All facilities and rules at the competition site are set in strict accordance with international standards. Look, the network cables have been accurately measured by the judges. This is a professional gesture of holding and clapping………

We played four games eachthreeThe competition between Long Dong and Mr. Tsumura was the most intense.

In the first round, Long Dong kept a low profile and understood the status of his opponents. Mr. Tsumura was in high spirits and enthusiastic. After a warm-up match, Mr. Tsumura temporarily took the lead in the first round;

The second round started. The opponent, Mr. Tsumura, stepped up his advantage and began a new round of fierce attack. However, Long Dong was not willing to be outdone. He began to adjust his strategy quickly, step by step, and hit back hard. The white table tennis ball fell here and jumped there, which made us spectators dazzled. The game was really exciting. At this time, when the last ball came to Long Dong, Long Dong did not make a forehand attack. Instead, after the ball fell, he suddenly pulled it with a forehand, and at the same time, he turned his waist to serve. The ball flew to Mr. Jincun. At this time, the ball was fast and the rotation was irregular. Mr. Lvcun was unable to take the move. Finally, Long DongfiveA clear advantage of points won the second round.

After two rounds of competition, the game is in a draw; So the third inning is finalPKThe decisive game, so the game is especially important. Everyone has felt the tension at the scene through the glass door. The opponents of both sides did not keep it, and began to show their best state. They held the ping-pong racket in their right hands, stared at the ping-pong ball in the other side's hands, gasped, blushed like apples, and beads of water on their hairDadaThe ground dripped onto the table.

When Long Dong serves, he constantly changes his placement, rhythm and rotation,And the more the score is close to the average,The more daring he is to serve all kinds of spin balls to the forehand position of the other side, Long Dong has changed his passive defensive posture in the previous two games and boldly organized the attack. As long as the ball returned from the other side comes out, he can play the characteristics of flexible steps, sometimes jump sideways, sometimes cross step up, and boldly aim at the backhand position of the other side to pull the loop ball, and one pull is accurate. Even if the ball is blocked by the other side, the whole set of movements is done perfectly. The game was so exciting that the audience outside the glass door arena was strangely silent for a moment, and everyone seemed to hold their breath.

The more skillful he was, the more he fought and the more successful he was. He played two games in a row with the momentum of overwhelming mountains and seas. The scene was quiet and he dared not breathe. The last shot saw the ball spinning in the air, "pa" fell on the table, and the last shot ended the game,eleventhaneightIn the third round, Long Dong won again by absolute advantage.

The remaining contestants in the last three rounds will take turns to compete and finally decide the place.

The important thing in this competition is not the result, but the process. Each contestant went all out to participate in the competition, giving us a vivid master to master final.

The organization of the table tennis match has promoted the exchanges between China and Japan, and is also a close cooperation between the two sides. alsoLet's take this exchange contest to wish our cooperative customers and suppliers a happy New Year!

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