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The third quarter meeting of 2014 was successfully held

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two thousand and fourteenyeartenmonth24~25On March, the main heads of all regions and departments of MHI gathered in Shenzhen to participate in thethreeQuarterly meetings.

The theme of this meeting is "work summary and experience sharing in the third quarter". The meeting is more about sharing than simple work reports. In addition, the company has specially set up several links to let everyone not only know each other's work in the last quarter, but also have in-depth communication on their own experience and feelings. In addition, in the inter department discussion, everyone spoke freely, raised their own problems in work and asked for solutions, or actively put forward their own views on the problem.

The company also fully affirmed the efforts of all departments in the third quarter, and encouraged and rewarded the departments that achieved their goals with practical actions.

In addition, Director Long presented a group of paintings he had previously auctioned at the charity auction to President Wu, Vice President Leng and Vice President Xie, and attached a sincere message to each painting.

In addition, Lingdian Gao also invited three guests to the quarterly meeting: Lawyer Li, Mr. Hao and Mr. Deng. Lawyer Li brought us a lecture on legal knowledge of contract risk avoidance. Mr. Hao and Mr. Deng shared their work experience and insights with us based on their own experiences. Here again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the three of you for your coming and your speech and sharing.

The whole quarterly meeting is run through with "sharing". The participants have shared what they have gained from their work and learned what they need. I believe that they will use and pass it on when they return, and they will do better in the next quarter.


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