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Xinyue Business Interview Press Release

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On the morning of July 9, 2014, a delegation of 5 people, including President Gatenu of Shinyue Polymer (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Minister Masayoshi Shinyue of Japan, visited MHI for business interviews. Wu Le, Chairman and General Manager of Longhaiben, Xie Zijun, Vice President of Sales Leng Zhide and other senior executives of the company extended a warm welcome to the delegation.


Accompanied by Director Long, the delegation of President Gatenu and Minister Dashou Daozheng first visited the company's product exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall, Mr. Long introduced the existing products and equipment of the company to the delegation in detail, pointing out its industry-leading characteristics in innovation, professionalism and professionalism. Chairman Longhaiben stressed that to gain competitive advantage in the industry, good products are the basis, management is the key and efficiency is the purpose. Lingdian has always adhered to the business philosophy of "technology oriented sales promotion, professional difference to achieve value added", and practiced the corporate goal of "winning the market with quality and service, creating the maximum value for customers" to build the "Lingdian" brand.



Later, Chairman Long Haiben also accompanied the delegation to visit the company's overall office environment and explained the company's corporate culture concept to the delegation one by one. The delegation showed great interest in the working atmosphere of Lingdian's employees and the colorful team life of the employees, and deeply appreciated the corporate culture concept and sustainable development strategy of Lingdian under the leadership of Director Long, as well as the personal charm and leadership temperament of Director Long.



Shinyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan), founded in 1926, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with a capital of US $25.08 billion. It is a leader in the global PVC and quartz materials market, and also supplies silica gel, semiconductor silicon, plastic materials, etc. It has more than 16000 employees worldwide, and its turnover from 2013 to 2014 reached US $10.9 billion. Prior to that, Shinyue Club had had many pleasant communications with Wu Le, the chairman and general manager of Longhaiben and Xie Zijun, the general manager of the company, and determined the strategic direction for MHI to become a special agent of Shinyue.

At last, the delegations of both parties held friendly business talks in the Lingdian conference room, and had in-depth exchanges on the introduction of new products, market analysis, and strategic direction. At the same time, Xie Zijun, the general manager of the company, gave a comprehensive overview to the Xinyue delegation on the company's personnel, development history, business culture, and philosophy. The Xinyue Juwuhe (Hong Kong) representative also gave a detailed introduction to the Lingdian delegation on the company's situation and various product information, He also expressed his strong will and bright vision for future cooperation with MHI.




The visit of the Shin Vietnam delegation is of great significance to our company. It not only proves the brand influence and comprehensive strength of our company in the industry, but also paves the way for further market penetration in the future. It can be said that this business visit of the Xinyue delegation has opened up a new trend in the sales of MHI products, marking that the whole line of MHI products have entered the fast lane of development, and accelerating the future development of MHI.

We firmly believe that with the growing influence of MHI in the industry, MHI will become a lion running with high morale in the industry!