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The cooperation between MHI and Musashi has been upgraded again

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Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., as the only strategic partner of full system cooperation in the world of Musashi, JapanDSFADMLCFPDEtc. At the invitation of Musashi of Japanfourmonthtwenty-twoDay afternoontwo00The unveiling ceremony was held at the headquarters of Musashi in Tokyo, Japan, on the new models jointly developed and applied in a medical industry. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Musashi Company: Mr. Wojimano, the director of the Production Innovation Promotion Office, Mr. AnweiFPDMr. Chang Gang, the head of the Business Department, and other representatives of MHI: Chairman of Longhaiben, General Manager Deng Fei, Business Director Luan Xiaodong, and Manager Huang Biao of the Medical Project Department.


During the activity, we visited the production base of Musashi and demonstrated the accuracy of Musashi fluid control on the spot, which made us admire the cutting-edge technology of Musashi precise dispensing again. In his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Nakajimano said that the application of the medical industry is also a new business for Musashi. China's medical market is in the process of rapid development, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for Musashi's all-round development. Because there arethirteenIt is believed that the two sides can also develop well in new fields on the basis of cooperation in, and also look forward to greater cooperation space and cooperation projects in other industries to achieve the transition from cooperation to collusion.

Chairman Long Haiben said that this was the first example of the joint development of equipment between the two sides. In the process of mutual communication and interaction, we felt that we were a team, a team that shared weal and woe, and moved forward and backward together. We found the true sense of existence of each other, and also let the market research of Mitsubishi Electric Company be translated into actual products. This is the trust of Mitsubishi Electric Company and the cooperation between the two sidesthirteenThe full affirmation of. It is hoped that this will be the prelude to work together to find more entry points, so as to make our cooperation closer and achieve coexistence and win-win results.

This action marks that the cooperation between the two sides has reached a new height. The professional market research team of MHI Electric has explored the application demand points of the industry, combined with the cutting-edge technology of Musashi Precision Dispensing, jointly developed special models suitable for the industry, successfully grafted the consumer electronic precision processing technology to the medical industry, and improved the overall quality of the medical industry to a new height. It only took a long time from the start and research of the project to the launch of the final product modelnineOne month, the speed and positioning are the best interpretation of each other's efforts. Our next step is to make thisnineThe crystallization of six months has generated greater value in the precision processing field of the medical industry, realizing the expansion of the business field and the common growth of the turnover.

One team,one dream。 We have reason to believe that the further upgrading of the cooperation between MHI and Musashi can go further, which is the beginning of another take-off for each other. Run, MHI!

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