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The chairman of MHI Group came to the Mission Hills Stadium to exchange skills with Japanese VIPs

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In June, Shenzhen is rainy and humid, and the air soaked by rain is especially fresh. In such pleasant weather,sixmonthtwoOn the morning of the th, the picturesque Mission Hills Aisi Stadium welcomed three important guests.

As the highest terrain, most beautiful scenery and most challenging golf course in Mission Hills Golf Club, Ace golf course is composed of representatives of the world golf industrythreeDesigned by Ernie Ace, the champion of the second Grand Slam. The site has beautiful scenery and unique terrainfourFormation of hole tee and groundfiftyThe large drop of meters is spectacular and favored by many golf enthusiasts and professional golfers. 

Japanese Shinyue Polymer Co., Ltd., who has heard about Aisi Stadium for a long time-Mr. Ogasaki was invited by Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian, to come to Shenzhen specially from Japan to have a new friendly golf match with Long Haiben and Zhang Rentian, the chairman of Lingdian.

The visit of the three important people not only added color to the Ace Stadium, but also made even the weather more beautiful. It was a rainy and rainy June that rarely saw sunny weather. Surrounded by the azure sky, there are endless green grasslands. The fragrance of the grass washed by the rain wafts in the air, making people feel relaxed and happy.

In order to show the friendship of the host, Chairman Long Haiben specially asked Mr. Ozaki to kick off. Although he is already in his 60s, Mr. Ozaki's skill is quite steady. With his neat swing, Xiaobaiqiu draws a beautiful arc in the air. The perfect kick-off won warm applause from the people on the scene.

Chairman Long Haiben also fully demonstrated his solid and steady superb ball skills. Holding the club, standing, swinging, and hitting the ball, a series of actions were completed in one go. He looked calm and leisurely, with a faint general wind. Even Mr. Ozaki was impressed by the football skills of Chairman Long Haiben, and sincerely praised that his posture was no less standard than that of a professional player.

The weather was pleasant and the atmosphere was harmonious. Although it was a game, the whole process was full of laughter and laughter.nineWhen the hole was finished, everyone felt that they had not finished yet, so they added the match temporarilynineHole. Meanwhile, Chairman Long Haiben's calm and profound skills were also brought into full play in the extra match. At the very beginning, he successfully played a beautiful birdie, which made the originally quiet court burst into warm applause.

Mr. Ozaki, who was over sixty years old, showed amazing physical strength. He not only did not feel tired during the long game, but also played the second birdie in the middle of the game, bringing the score of the two closer and pushing the game to another peak.

In a short timenineIt is rare for the two non professional players to catch two birds between holes, and such a good omen also makes Chairman Long Haiben and Mr. Ozaki more confident in the future cooperation between the two sides. A friendly match with high tides ended perfectly in the laughter of each other.

After the game, Chairman Long Haiben said with a smile that today's game was very enjoyable. Although it was just a friendly game, he and the agent Xiaoqi showed a feeling of mutual pity. The openness, respect and admiration for each other not only made people realize the spirit of golf, but also strengthened their understanding and trust of each other as business partners.

Finally, Chairman Long also expressed his deep admiration for Mr. Ogasaki's special work, and said that as his predecessor, Mr. Ogasaki has much to learn and learn from, and his courtesy and humility during the competition also made him feel more deeply the unique corporate culture of Japan. If there is a chance in the future, we must find time to learn football skills with Mr. Ogasaki and extend their cooperation from the mall to the court, just like the two birds captured today, to jointly create more surprises and glories.


Li Pingji