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Harvest joy! Together for 14 years, MHI won the honor of "the best agent" of Musashi!

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Autumn is a season of harvest and joy. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. received a surprise gift in advance.

On September 22, the representative meeting of Musashi Chinese agents was held in Suzhou. Long Haiben, the chairman of Linden, Wu Le, the general manager, Leng Zhide, the general manager of South China, Yao Lina, the business manager of South China, Luan Xiaodong, the general manager of East China, Chu Xiaozong, the business manager of East China, and Zhou Hailong, the person in charge of North China, attended the meeting on behalf of Linden.

At the meeting, the head of Musashi China, General Manager Kaneda, released the new system of agency stores and made a comprehensive review on the sales performance of major agents in Musashi China in the first half of 2017. Among them, Linden's sales data is very gratifying. Not only did the sales in the first half of 2017 rank the first in China, but also its total sales far exceeded the second place by more than double. It was also because of this dazzling achievement that Linden was awarded the honorary title of "the best agent" by Musashi, and Mr. Kajihara, the chairman of Musashi, presented the award in person.

For Linden, the award of "the best agent" is not only an affirmation and recognition of the company's performance, but also represents the trust and commemoration of Linden and Musashi's 14 years of cooperation. Fourteen years ago, Linden just started, just like a young boy, who has too much enthusiasm and expectation for the future. As a leading Japanese dispenser with a glorious history of 31 years, Musashi is looking for ways to enter the Chinese market. The cooperation between Linden and Musashi can be said to be a support and trust from the very beginning. Musashi is interested in Linden's ability, while Linden firmly believes in Musashi's quality. Time is the best tool to verify strength. Fourteen years later, Linden did not disappoint expectations and opened the door to the Chinese market for Musashi, making Musashi dispenser familiar to more Chinese people; As Linden's most long-term and loyal partner, Musashi has also maintained good product service and quality for decades, and has always maintained a tacit cooperative relationship with Linden.

Fourteen years is a time of youth maturity. For an enterprise, it means that it has grown from green to mature and from mature to vigorous. Today, Linden is not only the agent with the most outstanding sales performance in Musashi China, but also gradually promoted to be a fast channel for Japanese brands to enter China. Behind Linden, there are more partners such as Nippon Electronics Group, Shinyue Chemical, Nippon Water, Nippon Ink, Nippon Engineering, VISCO, etc. The brand experience and market operation strength accumulated in 14 years enable Linden to help more overseas brands to land in the Chinese market quickly and stably. This is not only Linden's harvest, but also the pride of Linden people.

At the end of this Musashi Agency Conference, Chairman Long Haiben, as the only agent representative, was invited to speak on the stage. Chairman Long first expressed his thanks to Musashi for the invitation and felt honored to be invited to speak on the stage. Next, he said that Linden has been acting as an agent for the Musashi brand for 14 years. Musashi is more like a friend and family than just a partner for Linden, so Linden will give full support to the new agent system announced by Musashi. "As the management of the company, I think there are two things that must be done well. One is to lower your head, strengthen team building, and manage the internal team well; the other is to raise your head, and position the market accurately and with potential. I hope that all agents in Wuzang can work together to make Wuzang No.1 in China. I also hope that under the leadership of the former Chairman of Wuzang, General Manager Sugimoto, and General Manager Kota, through the full cooperation of all agents, Wuzang The future development of Tibet in China can be better and better. " Chairman of Longhaiben said so. In the evening, Musashi held a grand dinner at the Doubletree Restaurant in Hilton, Suzhou. Musashi's managers and Chinese agents opened champagne to celebrate and tasted a delicious feast.

Mr. Long Haiben, chairman of Linden, said that through this dinner, he not only met many agency colleagues, shared their experiences and insights, but also had a deeper relationship with Musashi. It is hoped that Musashi will hold more grand events of this type in the future, and Linden, as a loyal partner of Musashi, will continue to work hard to win awards in the future, so as to return Musashi's recognition and trust with more outstanding business results.