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In three months, the MHI team, the general agent of electric equipment in China, showed extraordinary strength again

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On October 13, a special meeting was quietly coming to an end in the conference room of Shanghai Branch of Electric Decoration. This meeting not only witnessed the strong cooperation between the two companies, but also drew a perfect end to the three-month "battle" of the MHI team. In the evening of the same day, at Shanghai Baoyan Hotel, Head of the China Market Business Department of Dianzhuang personally announced the results of the meeting, that is, "MHI Group will become the first general agent of Dianzhuang China".


On the evening of the 13th, Baoyan Hotel was very lively. Long Haiben, the chairman of MHI Group, Wu Le, the manager, Huang Zhongrong, the general manager of the New Rules Business Department, Yao Lina, the general manager of the Robotics Business Department, and other backbone of MHI Group participated in the event. The Chinese side of Dianzhuang sent leaders such as Head of Hokawakamoto, Head of Automation Business Department Yuzuomi, Head of Racecourse Section, and Manager Zhu Jihua to attend. In order to celebrate the birth of the first general agent of Dianzhuang in China, Dianzhuang Group specially made a beautiful medal for the agent, which was awarded to MHI by Minister Hokawakamoto in person to commemorate this historic moment.
At the awarding ceremony, Minister Kawakamoto made a speech in fluent Chinese. He said that he was very happy to get cooperation with MHI. Although the contact with MHI was only three months old, he was deeply impressed by the rigorous working attitude, forward-looking strategic vision and strong sales ability of MHI's elite team. This cooperation with MHI can be said to be full of confidence. It is believed that with the help of MHI's strong sales strength and business network, it will greatly promote the development of the robot business in China.
As one of the world's top 500 well-known enterprises, Nippon Dianzuo Group is one of the world renowned auto parts manufacturers. In the Global Top 100 Auto Parts Supporting Suppliers released from 2011 to 2013, Dianzhuang Group ranked second. In 1994, Dianzhuang's mini car was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest power model car.
Today, Dianzhuang has become a multinational automotive parts supplier group. It has branches in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, especially in the automotive electronics field. Dianzhuang Group of Japan and Bosch of Germany are two leading enterprises in the industry.

Dianzhuang entered the Chinese market in 2003 and has been trying to find channels for business expansion. The Group has also recruited many domestic agents, but the performance is still not ideal. This contact with MHI Group can be said to have been attracted by its reputation. One of the highlights is the good performance of many Japanese brands behind MHI Group in China, and the other is the strong sales strength and business network of MHI Group. Therefore, it is only three months from the first contact with MHI in July 2017 to the official appointment of MHI as China's first general agent, which shows that Dianzhuang has recognized and trusted MHI's strength.
Mr. Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian, also said that the industry knew that it was very difficult to obtain the status of "general agent", especially in the face of the world's top 500 enterprises and leading companies in the industry, which added numerous powerful competitors to Lingdian, just like a thousand troops breaking out of the encirclement, which is even more difficult. However, the elite backbone of Lingdian did not retreat from the difficulties, but took the courage and courage to conquer the Dianzhuang Group with the most real performance and drive, and it took only three months to fight this "hard fight". As the group leader, Mr. Long Haiben is also very proud of this. He said: "It is Lingdian people and Lingdian spirit to rise to the difficulties and work hard."
Dianzhuang Group has "broken many cases" for us, appointed a general agent in China for the first time, and specially made an agent medal for us, which makes us feel honored and proud as well as the heavy responsibility. " At the awarding ceremony, Chairman Long Haiben said that the heavy medal he held was like a milestone, commemorating the historic cooperation between MHI and Dianzhuang, and bearing the bright future of MHI and Dianzhuang in China.

As an enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility, MHI will not disappoint the trust and expectation of Dianzhuang. In the coming time, MHI will use all resources to help Dianzhuang create a new business peak in China.