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Feiyue 2018 MHI Group's 2018 Mobilization Conference

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Fly over 2018

-----The mobilization meeting of MHI Group ended successfully

 two thousand and eighteenyearthreemonthfourteenShenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltdtwo thousand and eighteenThe annual mobilization meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of Shangri La, Suzhou, with the participation of all directors and above of MHI Group. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wu Le, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech. Mr. Wu's enthusiastic speech shared with ustwo thousand and seventeenThe fruits oftwo thousand and eighteenLooking forward to a wonderful new year, especially the East China Branchtwo thousand and seventeenThe Phoenix Pannirvana in 1999 made us truly feel the spirit of "the golden city leads to the opening of stone and gold". At the meeting, Mr. Wu said that if you want to fly farther, you should forget the horizon. Yes, we aretwo thousand and seventeenAll outstanding achievements intwo thousand and seventeenOf,two thousand and eighteenIn, we are facing greater challenges and goals. Only by forgetting the past glory, can we create greater miracles!              

       With warm applause, Mr. Long Haiben, the chairman of MHI Group, gave a speech. The sharing of Mr. Long continuedfourWithin three hours, Chairman Long gave us the following reflections and reviews:

oneThinking of MHI:

    The roles in the society are constantly exchanged. In the market competition of the jungle, we should always remember our corporate culture of "lion and antelope", and stick to our sense of vigilance and crisis;

    As a manager, we should use practice instead of instigation and follow the trend;

    Life is already on the way, we should keep a strong heart to face the rapidly changing world.

twoMHI's five-year plan:  

    The first five years: MHItwo thousand and threeFounded in Shenzhen in, a small company with only a few people at the beginning is still self training;

    The second five years: MHI has trained all the senior executives present;

    The third five years: improve the product line, exceptMusashiIn addition to dispensing equipment, we also introducedDensoManipulatorsViscoImage detection system; Build an international talent team, and senior international talents join MHI;

    The fourth five years: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was established as a group with a systematic organizational structure, which will realize a large strategic platform group.

threeArchives management:

    All the senior executives of MHI Group have carried out meticulous file management and update iteration for their subordinates to achieve a rigorous promotion mechanism.

    At the meeting, Mr. Long's impassioned sharing benefited everyone present. How to better fulfill the responsibility, how to better achieve mutual achievements, and how to achieve good communication are related to everyone's work and life in the future, which is of great significance to everyone!


  At the meeting, fortwo thousand and seventeenColleagues with outstanding performance in the year also held an award ceremony:
    Mr. Luan Xiaodong, Sales Manager of East China North China Branch of MHI Grouptwo thousand and seventeenIn the annual work, he led the East China North China Branch to strive to reach the summit, and was appointed as the deputy general manager of MHI Group.
    Mr. Lu Kaihua, Engineering Director of East China Branch of MHI Grouptwo thousand and seventeenIn the annual work, we worked hard to make progress and study the process technology with great craftsmanship spirit and innovation consciousness, making outstanding contributions to the development of MHI Group. He was appointed as the Technical Director of Greater China.

  afternoonfourteenspotthirtyDeputy General Manager Luan, representative of East China and North China, summarized the worktwo thousand and seventeenThe performance of the East China Division and the introduction of new products and talents in.two thousand and seventeenOur success belongs to everyone in East China, and it is only through their hard work and no consideration of returns that we gain. At the same time, we should remember the history, but also forget the history,two thousand and eighteenThe horn of the battle has been sounded in the past years. It is our pursuit to maintain our combat effectiveness and recapture our lost hinterland! Later, Vice President Leng of South China Branch didtwo thousand and seventeenAnnual work review andtwo thousand and eighteenAccording to the report of the annual work plan, South China is no longer the "leader". The battlefield has shifted to East China. We must regain the glory we lost!

  MHI Grouptwo thousand and eighteenThe annual mobilization meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, enthusiastic and enthusiastic applause. I know that the meeting is over, but the battle of the MHI people has just begun. Our glory, honor and applause belong to the past, but the future is fast changing. We need to achieve each other! Mitsubishi Electric Group has given us enough stage, so we need each of us to show the best dance. We need to fight with blood and sweat! The back is reserved for people under the sun, and we bathe in the sun and face the sun directly, because we are Lingdian people!   

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