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菱电战车 蓄势待发

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July 21, 2018On a sunny day,With gentle breeze and cloudless sky, Shenzhen Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. held the summary meeting in the first half of 2018 in the Caribbean Sea Conference Room of Shanwei Shuidi Mountain Hot Spring Manor, with the participation of all directors and above of Lingdian Group.

At the opening of the meeting, Mr. Long Haiben, the chairman of the company, delivered a speech. With the speech of Mr. Long's passion, we saw one after another remarkable achievements he had made for the company in the past year! At the meeting, Chairman Long emphasized "gratitude". The growth of an enterprise can not be separated from the efforts of all people. He himself was also grateful to all the brothers and sisters of MHI Group who fought side by side. Coincidentally with the World Cup, Chairman Long also mentioned "the team cooperation between football matches and the company". He said that talent development channels should be available so that we can ride the football field. Our senior executives should constantly cultivate the main responsible persons and encourage innovative and competent people to stand in a higher position, so that we can survive for a long time. At the same time, we should have a vision of strategic layout. Instead of always focusing on specific performance goals, we should focus on the pattern, spread the net, and focus on the essential relationship of an event. The speech lasted for an hour. Chairman Long finally encouraged every senior executive present to follow up on the victory. We have a warm heart and treat each other honestly. Like family, friends and brothers, we should dare to share and be willing to communicate to strive for better achievements!

Long Dong's words are thought-provoking. As he often said, every step of life is accumulation, and one day everything you want will come!


With the end of Director Long's speech, we welcomed the speech of Mr. Wu Le, the general manager of MHI Group, in warm applause. Mr. Wu's enthusiastic speech shared the joy and outstanding achievements of MHI Group in the first half of 2018! The opening ceremony was "New York Mayor's Case Sharing on Solving Crime Problems", where everyone put forward their own thoughts one by one. Finally, President Wu came to answer for everyone. The original point was to solve the root of the problem from the source, especially in team management, as the eyes and hands of the future direction, we should know the source in time and solve it quickly. President Wu emphasized at the meeting that all our departments are inseparable. Interestingly, we named our departments as: strong troops, rebirth from the ashes, risk control, small trials, etc. None of us is dispensable. Each department plays a huge role in the company's chariot, so the leaders of each of our departments should bring out a strong team to strengthen the MHD chariot! There is a saying that unchanged is the biggest change. We need to change in the process of change so that the company can reach today. We need to help each other and improve the business ability of other colleagues. Only in this way can MHI go further.

With warm applause, the speech of the chairman and general manager of the company ended, and then the heads of various departments came to the stage to make work reports for the first half of 2018. In the joy of harvest, we cheered. This is our 2018. In the silent thinking, we reflected on what mistakes can be avoided? In the past six months, everyone has paid sweat and tears, especially Huang Biao, the manager of our medical business department, who followed closely in a case for two years, and finally got results! Just the day before the meeting, we received the contract of RMB 9 million from the other customer, which is a recognition, an incentive, and even a gratitude! For the sake of the case, Manager Huang missed the most important moment in his life, the birth of the child. Because he was not accompanied during his study and business trip in Japan, he gave up the happy gathering time of his own family for the sake of everyone like MHI! Finally, perseverance will bring success! As long as you believe, your efforts will eventually repay you at some moment, but you just need to persist!

The North China Business Unit of MHI Group has been established for 10 years. Before the meeting, the North China Business Unit completed a relocation, moved into a new home, and welcomed the new atmosphere! Congratulations on the relocation of the North China Business Unit, and wish the North China Business Unit a better and better development!


In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, MHI Grouptwo thousand and eighteenThe summary meeting in the first half of the year ended, but the success in the first half of the year belongs to the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, we will continue to make great efforts!