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Traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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two thousand and eighteen
yeareightmonthtwenty-oneThe company organized employees to travel to Chiang Mai, ThailandfiveI sincerely thank the company for providing us with such an opportunity to broaden our horizons and improve our horizons, while also experiencing the spirit and strength of a foreign country, a company and a collective unity.


33 people from the company arrived at Chiang Mai Airport at 7:00 p.m. on the 21st to start our journey to a foreign country. The trip included the most distinctive things in Chiang Mai, including elephants, Thai massage, human demon show, temples, jungle leaps, Dudu cars traveling around the ancient town, and local food. Among the impressive projects are elephants and temples.

We finally arrived at the first stop of our journey, Elephant Park. Before, I had only seen elephants on TV, so when I entered the Elephant Park, I could get a close look at the elephants. I was still a little expecting. Following the guide, we finally saw the simple and honest baby elephants, which were much larger than expected. Although they were huge, they felt very cute. They also had their own Chinese names, like Wang Baoqiang, who was also adopted by the elephants. At the time of performance, elephants play football, throw basketball with their trunks, lift wood, massage, etc., and also draw pictures. They use their trunks to suck up painting tools. The key is that they have a rhythm. It's very comfortable to paint with music. Under the guidance of the instructor, they can really complete a landscape, landscape, tree painting, which is incredible. What's more, the elephants are really lively. They can bow, pay homage, and even Savadika. Each elephant has its own personality. Some of the larger elephants are calm, some are deliberately funny, and they deliberately show off to the audience when performing; Thailand is mainly developing tourism. Tipping is a kind of etiquette. Elephants who get tips from tourists buy bananas to eat. They look like a child who gets praise and rewards. The whole audience roars with laughter.

Many people in China also believe in Buddhism, but they went to Thailand to deeply feel the piety of Buddhism here. In the temple, you can receive the Buddha's washing of your mind and your understanding of your life. The most impressive thing is that when we took pictures under the Buddha statue, almost all the girls in front knelt down and said that their knees could not stand the pain. But for me, I could not feel the pain at all. This may be because I also believe in Buddhism and often kneel down, otherwise I would not stand it. Of course, there are more differences. We don't have the faith like Thailand that we need to take off our shoes. According to the guide, it's called down-to-earth, which really shocked me. So many people walk barefoot, I thought it would hurt their feet, but I didn't expect it at all. It is more comfortable to walk. Comfortable walking, accepting the washing of the soul. Feel the deep slow breathing of life.

On the second day of the trip, we came to the forest leap project that everyone expected. Hearing the name, we were excited, but also a little worried and scared. At the beginning of changing equipment, I kept asking the coach whether it was safe and what should be paid attention to. Once this kind of project starts, there is no room for retreat, but we can only move forward. In the process, many colleagues are afraid, but they do not retreat, and even stop by stop, they have reached the end; In spite of all kinds of thoughts on the way, everyone worked hard to overcome them, broke through themselves and overcome their fears. I believe that through such an experience, we can overcome many difficulties in the future work, forge ahead, more firmly set our goals, and finally achieve what we want.

At 5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2018, we finished our five-day trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand; Thank you for this opportunity given by the company. Although the time is short, it allows everyone to have a closer understanding of the company and colleagues. During a trip, I not only experienced the local cultural heritage and characteristics, but also understood the significance of the company's activities. By means of tourism, the company can relax and relax its employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and enhance the feelings between employees and the cohesion of the team. I believe that in the future, we will work harder to break through ourselves and return to the company with practical actions.


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