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Feeling about the trip to Japan - traveling thousands of miles across mountains and rivers to Japan to show the soul of Lingdian

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At 4:30 a.m. on November 20, 2018, in this white fog filled and vibrant morning, the East China Branch of MHI Group organized a large-scale trip to Japan!

As the first time for me to go abroad, the significance of this activity for me is unimaginable. This means that I can break my limits, broaden my horizons, and open my heart to enjoy the beauty of other countries!

Swimming in the endless sea, the green sea is as soft as silk, slightly rippling; The white sails on the sea seem to have embroidered beautiful patterns on the blue silk; The sea is so beautiful and quiet. Compared with jadeite, it is too light, and compared with sapphire, it is too dark. The plane slowly lifted layers of cloud veils symbolizing beauty, broke through pieces of mist in the vast expanse of smoke, and added radiance to the multicolored glow. As the clouds climbed up, I couldn't help thinking: Isn't this just a metaphor for our MHI to step by step towards a bright future!!!

With indescribable joy, he finally flew into the coast of Japan. I was surprised by the scene that came into my sight. The fields were as regular as a belt, as if they were captured by a famous painter; In the distance, surrounded by mountains, the low mountains are covered with verdant trees, and the sun shines among them, which is known as a dotted rural town. The highways extending in all directions crisscross these cities, and I can't help thinking that this is really a beautiful masterpiece of the struggle between man and nature! Like a magnificent ode of life seeking freedom from nature!!

Japan does not have too many tall buildings as I imagined, nor does it have countless mountains and rivers in our country; There are not many amazing places of interest. However, such a bullet island country has become a developed country ahead of China. Walking on the clean road, the endless stream of traffic does not bring up a little dust. I have carefully watched, and even the gap between the tires on the car is not stained. The toilet in the toilet is as white as new, the goods on the street are neat and tidy, and the garbage is placed by category. I have to be shocked by the Japanese concept of caring for the environment and paying attention to sustainable development.

On the bus to Tokyo, there is a small shelf behind each seat. There is a hook for hanging luggage and a garbage bag installed on it to facilitate passengers to take away their own waste. Buses pass by toll stations directly. In Japan, there is an automatic fee payment device in the car, which saves the driver's precious time. Compared with the long toll line in China, it is much better.

Walking in the streets and alleys, there is no loud noise in the bustling crowd. Walking into every shop, the salesperson will greet you with a smile. On the road, cars give way to pedestrians by three points, and pedestrians cross the road according to the traffic lights. What impressed me deeply was that when I passed an intersection without a light, a car quietly stopped beside us and drove away after all of us passed safely. From this point of view, the education of Japanese people can be seen! It reminds me of the news that on the second day of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II, the surviving teachers were still organizing students to attend classes! This is also a spirit that our country lacks.

Japan is a country that likes raw and cold food. The secret of long life is to eat a healthy diet with less oil and light food. Japan is very strict in controlling health, so any restaurant can ensure both safety and health. Compared with the domestic food market, this is worth thinking deeply.

Time flies. Time flies like water. On November 25, we embarked on the return flight. This trip to Japan made me witness the strong self-discipline of Japanese people and their good character of self-discipline and mutual respect. I saw their moral feelings of paying attention to the concept of time, caring for the environment and paying attention to sustainable development, and learned a lot of knowledge that I had never paid attention to before. At the same time, I also deeply realized the essential meaning of the self-improvement of our Lingdian Group, that is, the lion and the antelope will be swallowed if they do not lag behind in the race!

During the 6-day trip, the East China Branch returned safely, and under the leadership of the company's senior management and colleagues, there was no mistake. Maybe it is because of the high flag of Lingdian flying, which clears the clouds in the air, that we can have the honor to see Fuji Mountain with its veil lifted! I'm proud of our company! Be proud of all members of MHI Group!! I love MHI!!!

December 25, 2018

You Tianyu