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MHI Group received a delegation from VISCO of Japan

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two thousand and nineteenyearthreemonthnineteenAt two o'clock in the afternoon, the Shenzhen headquarters of MHI Group welcomed the important guests. Strategic partnersVISCOSuzuki Baoliang, Director of the Company, Yuki Watanabe, Chief of Management of Yufei Fengjian, ShanghaiVISCOManager Wang Cheng and his delegation came to our company for further communication and negotiation on cooperation between companies. Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian, Wu Le, the general manager, Luan Xiaodong, the general manager of East China and North China, Leng Zhide, the deputy general manager of South China, and Lu Kaihua, the director of the marketing department, warmly welcomed the distinguished guests and held a meeting in the company.

At the beginning of the meeting,VISCOFirst of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to MHI Group and recall that sincetwo thousand and seventeenIn, Lingdian Group officiallyVISCOSince the strategic partnership was reached,VISCOThe business expansion in China has achieved a qualitative leap in a short time.two thousand and eighteenYear andtwo thousand and seventeenCompared with in, the annual sales volume of MHI Group has actually increasedtenTimes, reachedtwo thousandRMB 10000. From this data, we can see that the remarkable achievements of bilateral cooperation alsoVISCOThe company was very surprised and gratified, and affirmed that the cooperation with MHI Group is worthy of trust and continuation, and made a high evaluation of the professionalism and business capability of MHI Group. Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian, said that although we have achieved such excellent results, we are not satisfied with them, because Lingdian Group, an excellent team, should have stronger strength and potential, and through close cooperation between the two sides, we should be able to break through more satisfactory results.

Later, the two sidestwo thousand and nineteenThe business strategy deployment in was discussed and targeted.VISCOHe said that according to recent reports in Japanese news, the future situation in China is not clear, so the companyVISCOThe business in China expressed certain concerns. In response to this problem, Long Haiben, chairman of MHI, first gave a brief work report, and heVISCOThe senior management demonstrated the MHI Grouptwo thousand and eighteenWith the achievements made in, MHI has always maintained its original intention, and constantly strengthened its own strength. With its keen market insighttwo thousand and eighteenIn, we made many outstanding achievements and gradually built MHI into a leading comprehensive high-tech enterprise in China. Then Chairman Long Haiben reportedtwo thousand and nineteenLingdian Group's various work plans in, and pointed out that,two thousand and nineteenIn, Lingdian people will continue to adhere to the company's cultural concept and continue to move forward steadily, althoughtwo thousand and nineteenIn, the situation in China was not clear, but MHI Group, with its foresight on the future industrial trend, blazed a new trail and believed that the situation of MHI was worthy of expectation and trust. Chairman of Longhaiben said that,two thousand and nineteenWe have confidence in the development of the company inVISCOWith its share in the image processing industry in China and its unshakable position in the industry, MHI Group decided to recruit on a large scale to build a more perfect and professional teamVISCOrub one's eyes and wait.

The exchange atmosphere between the two sides was harmonious and very pleasant. The meeting lasted for more than three hours and ended. In the evening, the senior executives of both sides enjoyed dinner together, drank and talked happily, which further enhanced the friendship between the two companies and pushed the cooperation to a new climax. Let's look forward to the cooperation between MHI Group andVISCOoftwo thousand and nineteenYear!