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Cultivate in spring and harvest in autumn to jointly create Lingdian

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The growth of trees is not the moisture of rain, but the arrival of spring; The beauty of flowers is not the wind, but the arrival of spring. The green grass is not the care of clouds, but the help of spring. The circulation of the four seasons is not the tenacity of flowers and trees, but the favor of the seasonal circulation. Like Qianlima and Bole, it is not that Qianlima has no ability to travel thousands of miles, but Bole has no ability to explore Qianlima, misses talents, and appoints people favorably.

On March 23, 2019, the commendation meeting and the first quarter deployment meeting of Lingdian Group were successfully held, which showed the company's heart of Bole. Long Haiben, the chairman of Lingdian Group, and Wu Le, the general manager of Lingdian Group, inherited the past and started the future, summarized their outlook, commended the hard work of ten outstanding employees in 2018, demonstrated Lingdian Group's emphasis on talents and thirst for talents with a sense of Bole and Qianlima, and then deployed quarterly work to make all employees full of ambition, Be impassioned, just to create a better tomorrow, just to pass on today's highlights, and go to tomorrow's youth.


2018 is a year of development for MHI Group, and the company has emerged a group of excellent and aggressive employees who have made great contributions to the company. At the commendation meeting, Director Long and President Wu personally read out the letters of appointment for the ten outstanding employees to be commended and issued the certificates of appointment.

Hold a commendation meeting to establish a close relationship between the company and employees. Talents are just like Qianlima. Director Long and President Wu are well aware of the importance of talents and their core role in the long-term development of the company. Nowadays, the times are surging, the market is unpredictable, and the flow rate of talents is high. The two key points of the company's development are how to grasp customers and how to grasp talents. Only by holding customers and talents in hand, can we be proud of others and see the new scenery again when spring returns. It is against this background that MHI Group stands firm and responds to changes with the same attitude. It puts talent training in the first place, puts talent growth and company growth in the same position, deploys quarterly work, and looks forward to a new future together with its employees. The future is foreseeable, the road ahead is unknown, and the steps ahead need lighthouse guidance, command and direction. The work in the first quarter is just as expected. Under the command of Chairman Long and President Wu, Lingdian Group will do its part with vigor and professionalism, sow spring, sow more hope and beauty, and hope to reap more achievements and achievements in the future, live up to the expectations, live up to today, and have a long way to go.

In the future, Lingdian Group will co-exist with its employees and share prosperity with them. Therefore, the company will continue to be stable and farsighted. The future is foreseeable, and the only way to cope with changes is to remain unchanged. Only in the process of future development and change, can we show the power of Bole and look for the power of a thousand li horse, then we will be able to burn under the command of 800 li, turn 50 strings across the Great Wall, and order troops in autumn on the battlefield; Fang was able to look a thousand miles away and reach a higher level. Only when the mountains are heavy and the rivers are heavy, can he doubt that there is no way out. Carry forward the past and open up the future, improve the talent training system, and strengthen the close relationship between the company and its employees; Let's set sail and make another journey. In the first quarter, we will make great achievements and jointly build a better future for Lingdian!