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Automobile industry

The automobile is a machine that changes the world and a wheel that promotes social progress. After more than 100 years of development, the automotive industry has entered a relatively mature stage in terms of technology and management. While people are pursuing the sense of speed and comfort in the use of automobiles, the concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and high-tech are deepening. Glue dispensing process on automobiles mainly includes reinforcement and bonding, sealing and filling, heat dissipation coating, lubrication, and PCB protection coating. There are many kinds of glue dispensing processes. With the improvement of people's quality of life, driverless vehicles and green electric vehicles have been launched one after another. In the future, radar, laser and sensor components will be used more and more widely.

Process characteristics

Due to the relatively complex structure and use conditions of automobile products, various harsh environments such as outdoor low/high temperature/desert/seaside, bumps in driving, and waste heat in the engine compartment pose more challenges to the reliability of dispensing process. The uniformity and non airtightness of dispensing determine the bonding strength, the consistency of line width and the width thickness ratio determine the tightness of filling and filling, and the perfect handling of the drawing and the big and small end problems of high viscosity heat dissipation silicone grease determine the heat dissipation performance; It can supply glue continuously and stably with large amount of glue, which determines the bonding and fastening effect of vehicle mounted display screen.


Recommended equipment: MSD-3 large rubber screw valve&SUPER Σ CMIII

Musashi's large amount of glue screw valve can perfectly solve the problem of high viscosity particles containing glue such as RTV silica gel and heat dissipation silicone grease. The maximum speed can reach 1500 revolutions, achieving excellent continuous spitting performance. Its unique screw material is more wear-resistant, and the simple cavity structure is more convenient for the maintenance of high viscosity glue.

SUPER Σ CMIII has three unique functions: automatic compensation of water head difference, automatic alarm of allowance, and automatic leak prevention. The low, medium and high viscosity can ensure the stable dispensing of the whole glue with high precision, and can meet the requirements of any dispensing method in the automotive dispensing process.