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Medical industry - blood glucose test paper

Medical industry - blood glucose test paper

The blood glucose test paper can detect the blood glucose in the human body and needs to be used together with the blood glucose detector. The glucose test paper is coated with glucose oxidase. When it contacts with the blood in the human body, the peroxidase will react with the glucose in the blood. The blood glucose concentration of the human body can be seen according to the color indicator. With the global popularization of blood glucose test strips, in order to save costs and improve product performance, the requirements for precision and long-term consistency are very high. Now blood glucose test strips have gradually changed from printing biological enzymes to dispensing.

Process characteristics

The biological enzyme dispensing process in the blood glucose test paper is extremely demanding and belongs to the field of micro dispensing. At the same time, the biological enzyme dispensing position on the test paper should be highly consistent. Most glucose enzymes are very expensive, so it is required that when the equipment is out of use, the structure should include the features of good maintenance, no waste and recyclability. In order to improve the user experience, the blood glucose test paper will be miniaturized and dripped, and the detection time will be improved.


Recommended equipment: deaerator SK-300SV&MGD7500

The enzyme slurry stirring of planetary stirring deaerator SK-300SV for blood glucose test strip is the premise to ensure product consistency.

Musashi's high-precision coating technology has greatly improved the accuracy of the product in the application of enzyme slurry dropping of blood glucose test strips, ensuring efficient production and high yield. At present, it has been widely used in the medical industry.