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Semiconductor industry

Semiconductor industry

Semiconductors usually refer to materials with conductivity between conductor and insulator at room temperature. Semiconductors are widely used in integrated circuits, consumer electronics, communication systems, photovoltaic power generation, lighting, high-power power conversion and other fields. The organic light-emitting diodes and transistors we use in our daily life are all applications of semiconductors.

Process characteristics

In recent years, with the improvement of chip package integration, the reduction of chip size, and the strengthening of cost control in the placement process, the printing/silk screen printing process has been stretched to the limit, and the application demand of high-precision silver paste and solder paste is expanding. The semiconductor dispensing process includes: BGA bottom filling epoxy adhesive, light-sensitive chip enclosure dam UV adhesive, chip pin packaging epoxy adhesive, chip solder paste enclosure dam and other dispensing processes. Bonding silver paste process for Die bond machine in semiconductor packaging process, SUPER Σ CMIII, as the flagship equipment of Musashi Precision Dispensing, has become the preferred equipment of SMT with its superior dispensing accuracy and performance.


Recommended equipment: SUPER HI JET&SUPER Σ CMIII

The semiconductor dispensing process requires very high requirements. The consistency of the glue line, the uniformity of the glue height and width, and the dispensing effect without bubbles and scattering points are the prerequisites. Over the years, MHI has accumulated rich experience in semiconductor dispensing, with very mature and reliable products and solutions.

Musashi hereby introduces SUPER for semiconductor bonding silver paste process Σ CMIII series pneumatic dispenser, Σ The three major functions of the silver paste can automatically compensate the ejected volume of the whole tube when the rubber material is of different volumes to ensure the continuous stability of the silver paste. Piezoelectric jet valve can satisfy various dispensing processes with exquisite dispensing accuracy, and achieve non-contact, high-efficiency and high-precision dispensing effect.